This Is How I Ensure That My Child Gets The Required Vitamins And Minerals

This Is How I Ensure That My Child Gets The Required Vitamins And Minerals

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In today’s times, fast and processed foods are what our children generally like to consume. Ice creams, chocolates, and burgers are the favorites in every household, including mine. However, these foods contain a large number of fatty acids and trans fats which are not beneficial for growing children.

You might be aware of the importance of vitamins and minerals in your child’s diet. Vitamins and minerals are essential for the growth of your little one’s bones and to help them fight against diseases. I noticed that the lack of vitamins and minerals in my son’s diet made him fall ill frequently. He would not be able to cope up with his studies and schoolwork. When I asked my doctor about this she explained that apart from being required for immunity, vitamins and minerals are also required for proper physical, cognitive, and emotional growth. That was the first time I realized the importance of vitamins and minerals and the long term impacts it could have on my child’s health.

That’s when I started making major dietary changes. I ensured my son drank two glasses of milk every day and regularly ate curd with his meals. These foods are rich in Calcium and Vitamin A which is required for growth and healthy skin. Apart from this I also began replacing his snacks of chips and biscuits with some sliced fruits. Citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, and spinach, I found were a great source of Vitamin C. The more vitamin C my son received the better his immunity got.

My doctor also explained to me that a significant amount of muscle development takes place during the primary and middle school years of a child, and that’s why a diet full of muscle-strengthening agents is vital. So, apart from Vitamin C, I also began to increase the amount of protein in his diet. Protein-rich food, my doctor explained helped his muscles grow and develop. Protein-rich foods also supply the body with Iron, Zinc, and Magnesium, which are crucial for the development of red blood cells. I began by incorporating eggs, meat, and fish in his diet. I would alternate between these sources so that he would not get bored. On days when I would prepare vegetarian food, I would give him lentils, chickpeas, nuts or whole wheat. These also serve as a great sources of protein and I would highly recommend it to all the moms out there.

Childhood is a period of accelerated growth. This is something we moms are familiar with. What we are not familiar with is the importance of iron in our child’s diet. Even I was unaware of this until my son developed anemia. A condition in which the red blood cells do not carry enough oxygen. That’s when I finally understood why he was tired so often. I decided to take matters in my hands and began giving Rohan iron-rich foods such as dates and pomegranates regularly. In a few months, I noticed that his academic performance had improved and he was no longer tired so easily. If you’re wondering why your child is constantly exhausted or has trouble learning then I recommend you increase the amount of iron in their diet. A small step like this made a huge difference to my son’s life. Watch out for anemia, as it can have serious effects and hinder brain development.

If you’re a reviews" 108831 target="_self">parent like me looking for ways to ensure that your child gets all the nourishment they require, then I recommend you check out the Grow Right Initiative by PediaSure. This campaign views growth as all-round development and will give you practical ways to ensure that your child gets all their dietary requirements. Watch these informative videos where expert nutritionists answer questions related to nutritional concerns, fussy eating, and label education.

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